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international digital festival 08 - 09 Novembre 2012, Namur, Belgium

Niklas Roy

LUMENOISE - building a lightpen controlled AV synthesizer @

Niklas Roy focuses on building artistic electro mechanical sculptures, machines and devices. Besides interactive stand alone installations, he also carries out performances where some of his machines are involved. 

Before, he worked as director, as 3D animator and as visual effect supervisor for several international film productions.

His works were shown at La Gaîté Lyrique (Paris), Disseny Hub (Barcelona), Siggraph (USA), Ars Electronica (Austria), Microwave (Hongkong), Transmediale (Germany), VIPER (Switzerland), Emergences (France), LABoral (Spain) and at many other festivals and museums.

He received several awards (Processing award – VIPER Basel /// Gold award – Philafilm, Philadelphia /// Special prize of the Jury – Fantastic Film Festival,
Brussels /// ...)

Niklas Roy holds a degree in visual communications from the University of the Arts in Berlin, he is founder of Royrobotiks and he is a founding member of the “Gruppe für Servicekunst und Dekorationsgestaltung”.

Lumenoise was developed during a residency at Gaîté Lyrique ( 

Some info about lumenoise here


Picture taken by Vinciane Verguethen :