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international digital festival 08 - 09 Novembre 2012, Namur, Belgium

Andrew Zolty

Creative Director @ Breakfast

Zolty is the Creative Director and co-founder of New York based BREAKFAST – a tech company focused on helping the world better utilize customized devices and installations to bridge the gap between online and the real world. In under a year he has lead BREAKFAST to earn a plethora of awards and titles, including #1 Innovative Digital Agency from Mashable.

Zolty recently lead in the creation of The Verbalizer, a custom circuit board enabling hardware enthusiests to develop creations for Google's Voice Search. Other notable projects include Instaprint - a mobile photo booth for Instagram, Conan O'Brien's Foursquare-ing blimp, and Precious - a bike that can share its thoughts and feelings.

Prior to BREAKFAST, Zolty hustled himself through the digital marketing industry working at (and sometimes helping to start) over 15 different agencies, and developing work for over 60 different brands. His most recent stationing was at Poke London where he helped to create a hologram concert tour for Orange, as well as BakerTweet - the bakery-proof box that tweets when fresh delights have just popped out of the oven.