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international digital festival 08 - 09 Novembre 2012, Namur, Belgium

Jakob Kahlen

Creative Director @ Hello Monday

Jakob Kahlen is a digital Creative Director based in Copenhagen Denmark. He was educated at The Graphic Arts Institute of Denmark and has been working with digital design, concept and brand development since 1996. In his professional career he has helped major brands and organizations with successful transitions from strategy to execution in the field of digital media. The list of clients includes Google, Victoria’s Secret, Sesame Street, PlayStation, IKEA, Ericsson, Pandora, Carlsberg and LEGO. His work relationships with these clients have earned him a solid digital foundation in an international playing field and have even graced him with a number of honors and awards along the way.

Jakob is Creative Director and Partner at Hello Monday, an independent Digital Creative Agency with offices in Copenhagen, New York and Aarhus. Hello Monday’s practice is built on the premise that it is possible to make a creative playground rather than a production factory. The agency’s playful approach has attracted some of the world’s biggest brands and made them the David to rival even the biggest Goliaths of the industry.

Apart from commissioned work, Jakob is a lecturer and advisory board member of The Danish School of Media and Journalism. He is also a board member and chairman of the Website Jury at Creative Circle and he has been judging Cannes Cyber Lions and the Webby's as well.